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Repair of apartments and finishing works.

we are not agents !

We are professional team of masters!

 Easy and simple!

Repair it isn't terrible! 

We will perform finishing works of any complexity!

*It isn't obligatory for customer to be in the country where works are carried out.

*All experts for performance of any works, experience in construction more than 15 years.

*Effective management

* Experts are trained in the European companies


The fixed cost of works in the contract, without increase in the prices and excess surcharges.

Fast terms of implementation of projects.

We will make necessary recommendations about materials and technologies.

The most checked latest construction technologies and the equipment.

Design project      

Apartments, premises, country houses

Do you want exclusive design at apartment renovation?

Need a project for replanning housing?

Use the services of designers and architects "Otremonti"

Our specialists will prepare a complete package of drawings and plans for an apartment, a country house or a business premises.

Pre-designed layout and interior will make your life more comfortable, and our work

faster and more productive


 perfection in practice!

*We carry out turnkey repair: apartments, rooms, country houses;

*We carry out all types of finishing works;

*Long time and productively we work in repair business;

*Behind our shoulders there are a lot of great projects;

*We take care about all in project;

*Our designers and architects will help you;

*Help with the development of planning and re-planning of placements;

Repair will be imperceptible for you!


It is a small part of the projects made by us

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Our history

In 1994, I got a job in an Irish finishing company, there and began to study with masters from Ireland and the UK. The most impressive thing for me was the fact that we, with their own hands turned squalid premises in works of art. At that time, I discovered the world architecture, and began to see the surrounding space differently. So I made a choice of my future profession, later, worked in other European companies, studied technology and acquired skills, became interested in art and architecture. 

He worked in Ireland, great Britain and Italy. 

And later gathered a team of first-class masters finishers. 

Thus was born the finishing company ARTE CASA.

Boris Sinitsyn